Airtight Inflatables​ 

They are very practical inflatables, they only need the air turbine for the initial inflation and they are ready to work.


Air tight spider tent

Our bestselling product, the amazing Spider inflatable tent.

Since this tent is airtight, you don't need to have the air turbine running constantly, just inflate it once and it's ready to do its job.

Without a doubt, it is the most practical inflatable tent on the market.

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An inflatable tent with enormous potential!

Huge customization area, easy to transport and assemble.

Várias dimensões, 4, 5, 6 metros de diâmetro.

MAX-AIR is your new ally at events!

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Goal arches

Using a airtight target arch means having the same advantages as a normal target arch, but without the need for an air turbine.

Ideal for spaces that do not guarantee quality electricity and even spaces that do not have electricity.


A point of reference at events, without the need for power.

They are great for indoor use and also great for making replicas of cylindrical products, such as medicine packaging.


It's known as a catering table, but it's good for so much more.

The big advantage is in transport, without air in a normal car, you can take many tables with you.

Take advantage of the ability to customize 100%.


A very practical promotion counter to assemble and disassemble quickly and to transport in any car.

Take advantage of the ability to customize 100%.

4-in-1 zip arche

It is a airtight goal arch with more options, due to its fastening system it can be:​

Goal arch, column, 2 half arches.

One product, several possibilities!


Spheres, the most used!

Whether for decoration, for stands or to play a public ball at concerts, it is the most used waterproof inflatable


We call it, personalized comfort for events.

In addition to comfort, you can do a lot more, especially to have a comfortable sofa to put in VIP areas or chill out areas.


Same as the sofa but with only 1 seat.

The real Throne!!!

With an appealing design and with the possibility of personalization.


With the same characteristics as the catering table, these event benches can be transported in large numbers in a normal car. Due to the possibility of personalization, they are very well accepted in informal lectures.