Tree of light

Tree of light, the poetry of a tree light as air and so magical
like the light.
Versatile and functional, it is ideal both for public and commercial use as well as for
private: a party on the terrace, an aperitif on the terrace
from a bar, a fair.
It is carried in a bag the size of the vase that supports it,
assembles and disassembles in a few minutes.
More than a portable object, it is a form of nomadic landscape of the iconic and dreamlike atmosphere that it evokes around it.
The opalescent upper part, pure decorative element that it is, can be transformed into a formidable customizable expressive and communicative medium, as it is ready to be printed in high resolution.
Like a blank sheet of paper, "Tree of Light" opens to creativity.
Available for sale with a price from 3,700 euros + VAT.